Prenatal Massage Therapy

I truly enjoy working with pregnant women and feel privileged to share in this special and exciting journey.  I have advanced certification in prenatal massage therapy.  Specialized education is essential to ensure a pregnant women experiences safe and effective care throughout her pregnancy.  The result is a more positive pregnancy experience and a deeper connection to her body.


Massage offers wonderful benefits to expecting mothers:

- Reduces tension, stress, and anxiety

- Supports a healthy in utero environment

- Minimizes nausea, stimulates peristaltic (digestive) activity

- Elevates mood, encourages loving maternal care

- Treats common discomforts of pregnancy

- Prepares the woman physically, emotionally, and mentally for labor


60 Minute Prenatal Massage - $80


"I just got home from a prenatal massage with Katie Young and let me tell you...IT.WAS.AMAZING! This was my 1st prenatal massage and 4th overall during my pregnancy (I'm 33 weeks) and was hands-down the best one I have yet to receive. Katie alleviated so much tension in my lower back and applied the perfect amount of pressure throughout. She had me lay on my left side to start with a leg up on a body pillow, which was very comfortable, especially in the heated bed. Then I turned onto my back for the remaining time, where she concentrated on my head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet.

I did not want it to end and will absolutely be making another appointment with her before the end of my pregnancy.

Moral of the story.....if you are pregnant and want a high-quality prenatal massage, book with Katie. You will leave there feeling so relaxed and eager to return. I haven't had any other type of massage with her so I can't attest to them, but looking forward to going back post-natal as well."

- Jamie C., St. Louis, MO